GEF's latest impact report in Kenya

At GEF, we're committed to transparency and accountability with our donors and partners. So, we like to release a yearly impact report on each country and each partner. 

Here's the latest from Kenya:

To date, GEF Kenya has supported 140 high school students, with all participating in leadership training offered during school holidays and weekends. In 2013, 54 GEF Kenya scholars participated in the program. Of these, twenty-nine scholars (19 girls and 10 boys) graduated at the end of the school year in December 2013. 

Despite the many significant barriers to their success, GEF Kenya scholars continue to achieve at higher levels than their peers locally and nationally. 100 percent of GEF Kenya scholars (29) graduated in 2013 – consistent with prior years. These 2013 graduates also had strong results on Kenya’s national, standardized test – the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) – improving over previous years results.

How well students score on this exam determines whether and what type of post-secondary education they are eligible to seek. 

  1. Of the top six GEF students who had either an A- or B+ all were girls.
  2. All GEF graduates achieved exam scores that allow them to enroll in university (C+ and above) or in an accredited professional (C- and above) or vocational course (D and above).
  3. 55 percent of the graduates scored a C+ or better on the KCSE, contrasting with national level results of 27 percent and local results within Embakasi District (where our students come from) of only 13 percent.