GEF-Kenya Youth Camp


A keystone activity of the Young Leaders Program, implemented by Global Education Fund Kenya, is the conduct of regular residential youth camps for its scholars, during school holidays, and for its high school graduates during their gap year of post-secondary education transition. These camps offer rare and unique opportunities for young people, from lower income urban communities, to learn 21st century skills through mentorship, practice in creative arts, and experiential learning, while having the adventure of a lifetime.


Global Education Fund Kenya, working closely with student mentors from Africa Nazarene University and staff of Rovers Expedition Camps Limited, organized for a four-day residential and skills building camp in Naivasha, running from the 18th through to the 21st of April 2016 . The camp saw a total of 45 participating youth cover topics ranging from: critical thinking for problem solving; self-awareness for self-improvement; self-management for goal setting, and social awareness for empathy and social entrepreneurship.

Report from Daniel Masawi - GEF-Kenya Executive Director