Greetings from India


Global Education Fund’s Executive Director, Kathy Bartlett is in India visiting our partners Navsarjan and Guru-G. Read live updates from her trip here.


Greetings from Delhi, India! Boli Medappa (GEF Board member) and I have been here attending the International Education Funders Group meeting where nearly 100 Funders and India Education experts gathered to discuss and reflect on Scaling up of innovations to improve education quality. It was a diverse and very interesting 3 days of exchanges – a highlight was visiting some local education programs here in Delhi and also exploring potential collaborations with others who fund here in India. Boli and I now travel to Gujarat later today to visit the Navsarjan middle school program which GEF supports. We had a lovely dinner with Martin Macwan, founder of Navsarjan, last night. Martin sends his warmest hellos to all our GEF friends and supporters – he remembers with great fondness his trip to Colorado in September 2014. More posts to follow.

– Kathy Bartlett, Executive Director, Global Education Fund


Boli Medappa (GEF Board member) and I visited a Navsarjan middle school today. The students had prepared skits, poetry, dance and songs for their end of year joint celebration. How lucky we were to be here for this! We had fun exchanging questions with the students and later the teachers. I will post a few more photos from our time there today. Boli and I leave for Bangalore tomorrow and will be visiting Guru-G and meeting our friends at Drishya – Project Vision next week amongst other meetings and visits – more to come!

– Kathy Bartlett, Executive Director, Global Education Fund