You can make a difference to improve the lives of children living in Kenya, India and Guatemala with a gift to Global Education Fund. Donate online, by mail or with PayPal.



Or explore the many other ways to support education below.


Corporate Matching

Many companies match gifts for employees who contribute to Global Education Fund. Maximize your personal gift by enrolling in workplace giving. Click here to learn more.

Donate Stock

The IRS allows you one of its most significant tax breaks for gifts of appreciated securities. Transfer these assets to the Global Education Fund.

Through Your Estate

You can donate your retirement assets. Your retirement plan may be worth more when donated to the Global Education Fund than to your heirs.




Give to the Global Education Fund without affecting your cash flow during your lifetime, while making a substantial impact on children living in poverty around the world through education. Join the Legacy Club.

Life Insurance

Give a significant gift without dipping into your capital assets by naming Global Education Fund as policy beneficiary. Upon payment of the policy, proceeds are paid to Global Education Fund. By doing this, you can make a generous gift and help ensure education for children living in poverty around the world.


In lieu of flowers, consider making a donation to Global Education Fund in memory of your loved one. Helping children living in poverty get an education is a wonderful way to honor your loved one.



Other Ideas

There are many ways to support Global Education Fund, from hosting a fundraiser to purchasing Global Education Fund items. Click here to explore the different ways in which you can become involved.

Need Help?

Thank you very much for your support! Should you have any questions or need help with gift planning, please contact us at any time. Global Education Fund is a non-profit, 501(c)3, your contribution is tax deductible. Our EIN is 84-1437310.

Why Support Global Education Fund?

Your generous gift can make a difference in a child’s life in Kenya, India and Guatemala by providing scholarships and leadership programs for promising students, girls’ programs, provide teacher training, books and literacy tools for libraries, after school tutoring and college exam prep books for aspiring seniors. There are many ways to donate. Check out the impact we’ve made thus far, or learn more about why our donors support Global Education Fund.



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Donor-advised Fund

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