Why Kenya, India and Guatemala?

Through years of work we've identified countries and partners with great need. We've chosen to fund projects in countries where Global Education Fund has a strong network of in country support who can providing on the ground support and evaluation of our partners.

How did GEF get started?

After witnessing the barriers preventing extremely poor children from accessing education, anthropologist Eliza Woloson founded Global Education Fund in 1998 with a shipment of books to a school in Nicaragua. In the beginning, the founders focused on providing books and literacy tools to orphanages and learning centers in Latin America. Over the next decade, Global Education Fund expanded its program to encompass projects in 22 countries. In addition to books, Global Education Fund also helped build libraries, literacy centers, scholarships and leadership programs.

Today, Global Education Fund is focused on removing obstacles to education in three high-need countries: Kenya, India and Guatemala. Global Education Fund has stayed true to its founding principles - listen to local needs, work collaboratively to provide resources that can be leveraged in a sustainable way, and share innovative models for educating children living in poverty.

"We realized early in the development of Global Education Fund that local partners are key to successful and impactful programs. It has been inspiring to witness our partners' commitments to improving education in their own communities, and to support programs that are changing the lives of so many deserving children."

- Eliza Woloson, Founder, Global Education Fund

How can I get involved?

We value your involvement and there are many ways you can help - monetarily, in-kind donations, volunteering, hold an online fundraiser, host a party or by liking and sharing our posts on social media. You can contribute online through our website or mail check to: Global Education Fund - P.O. Box 548 - Boulder, CO 80306

Do you fund individual scholarships or programs outside of Kenya, India or Guatemala?

We do not fund individual scholarships, nor do we fund programs outside of our priority areas. We partner with innovative education leaders and their organizations in Kenya, India and Guatemala.