Get Involved


Invest in Education

We plan to reach 8,000 children by the end of 2012, you can help us get there. In a world with 93 million children not in school, the time to act is now.  


Spread the Word

Tell your friends, family, co-workers, everyone you can about Global Education Fund! A small donation goes a long way towards educating children and ending poverty.


Host an Event

Throw a Global Education Fund event and have fun with your friends while you support our work to end poverty through education.  


Purchase Global Education Fund products

Using eBay, WeCare and a variety of other companies, you can shop and support education for children living in poverty at the same time. Use your purchasing power for good!  


Do a School Campaign

Students helping students: start a campaign in your school or campus to help students living in poverty obtain scholarships, books, mentorship, leadership training and much more.  


Work for Good

Want to maximize your giving impact to Global Education Fund? Many companies support their employees charitable interests, learn more about setting this up with your company.  


Create an Online Fundraiser

By using Crowdrise, a fun online website that helps charities raise money, you can organize your own fundraiser online and help GEF fight poverty in Kenya, Guatemala and India all without leaving the comfort of your home!