We provide seed funding for early-stage, promising models with strong entrepreneurial leaders in Kenya, India and Guatemala. Specifically we provide small, multi-year grants, with partner identified milestones for assessment and accountability. Where relevant and possible, we assist with needs they bring forward, including organizational development, network building and peer exchange. 

Our Investment Strategy

Global Education Fund invests in a portfolio of locally-based education leaders and their organizations. Each one is designing and implementing culturally relevant learning solutions for girls and boys living in poverty. We engage in rigorous due diligence prior to funding. We invest in strong entrepreneurial leaders who are grounded in their local cultures, can put together and support the needed team for implementation, and are driven to improve educational outcomes and sustain their impact.  We look for partners working with some of the most disadvantaged and marginalized children and youth in their local context.

Our Three Step Process


1. Source and Select

We source and select our grantees based on vigorous criteria, in person reviews and inputs from locally-based advisors and peer networks.


2. Invest and Support

We provide small, multi-year grants and other support aligned with identified needs and outcome-based milestones developed with each partner.


3. Advance

We help partners move to their next stage of effectiveness as they implement their plans to sustain their work.


Our selection criteria

GEF finds, funds and advances the work of locally-based education leaders and their organizations. We support those focused on culturally relevant, transformative learning for girls and boys living in poverty. While our grantees may vary in their approach or stage of development, they have common threads, including strong entrepreneurial leaders grounded in their local cultures and results-driven models designed to improve educational outcomes and sustain impact.

There are three broad areas we look at when considering potential partners:


Leadership and Team, including Governance


Program or Curriculum


Organizational Systems and Processes



Global Education Fund is not accepting unsolicited grant proposals at this time.

Individual Student Scholarships

Outside our Selected Geographic Areas

Infrastructure, Capital Projects