Partner since 2015


Investment to date: $15,000


Students in 2016: 825


Cumulative Students: 825


Guru-G Learning Labs is a start-up based in Bangalore, India and focused on education solutions that impact learning outcomes and other critical issues facing students, schools and the education sector, particularly those in rural and marginalized areas.

Guru-G aims to ensure every child has access to inspired educators.  They are focused on empowering teachers to deliver an engaging learning experience for students that will lead to positive student outcomes. Guru-G does this through the use of an intelligent assistant (their app) that is loaded with guided lesson plans. The platform is delivered through handheld devices and encourages teachers to use a range of teaching and learning strategies in their daily instruction. It includes short videos that demonstrate different techniques and facilitates regular self-assessment by the teachers.

The Guru-G app addresses the persistent problem of irregular/non-existent, poor quality and costly teacher in-service training and in-classroom support – particularly for teachers serving in schools in more remote rural areas. Working in collaboration with local schools, education officials and NGOs involved in education, Guru-G developed and tested their app drawing on existing curriculum and lessons from proven teaching and learning strategies, other education experts as well as their own in-house expertise. The app has been used in low-cost private and government schools, and adjustments and refinements continue to be made based on regular teacher feedback. Guru-G currently works with over 400 schools across 7 states in India.  In 2015, Guru-G began to create additional content for supplementary programs.  The first - SuperTeens - aims to empower girls.


  1. Awareness about basic issues and best practices related to nutrition, hygiene, healthcare and human development;
  2. Awareness about the benefits of education and increasing motivation towards continuing;
  3. Fostering skills and confidence to manage social pressures;
  4. Creating a sense of identity among participants about their place in the community and becoming change makers;


  1. Increased understanding and acceptance of the various physical and psycho-social changes and development during adolescence;
  2. Adoption of healthy hygienic practices;
  3. Improved ability to reflect on and make informed choices affecting their lives and relationships with peers and family;
  4. Becoming active participants in their community working towards positive changes;


GEF is investing in Guru-G because of its commitment to leveraging new technologies for improving teaching and learning and its intent to address – through the Super Teens pilot - some of the critical barriers facing girls and marginalized students more broadly so that they stay in school and continue to learn. If the Super Teens pilot is successful, Guru-G plans to include it within their broader technology app for teachers across potentially hundreds more schools. GEF is interested in learning with Guru-G how its existing app and technology platform can be further leveraged to address critical non-academic skills and knowledge in order to create positive impact for students in and out of school.


The SuperTeens pilot, supported by GEF, is currently running in 18 rural government schools reaching over 700 girls in middle school. An additional 100-120 boys in one rural community will be included in the second phase of the pilot to see how best to engage both girls and boys. 



GEF has engaged with Guru-G staff throughout the SuperTeens pilot, including participating in field visits and discussions mid-way through the pilot; all of which has fed into refinements of the curriculum and strategy.



GEF's investment in Guru-G provided crucial start-up funds for the development of the SuperTeens curriculum, related teacher and student materials and the piloting of the program.



One of the most critical pieces for an organization to grow and flourish is a strong network, to leverage resources and support. GEF has begun to facilitate links for Guru-G to others working and funding similar programs.

“It will break stereotypes with regards to gender”
— Aide et Action, on Guru-g's SuperTeeens Program