GEF invests in ADIMTU because there is great potential in the approach and methodologies they have developed and refined over the years to empower girls that have shown to effect positive changes in their academic success, including transitioning to secondary school at higher rates.  In addition, the strengthened ties between the students and their parents and family members and improved communication skills further help to improve their life opportunities. GEF is highly supportive of ADIMTU’s aim of expanding their program to include boys, and working towards mainstreaming their approach within the Guatemalan Department of Education.


ADIMTU is working in close collaboration with 13 government middle schools in rural areas of San Pedro Sacatepéquez in the Department of San Marcos. To date, during the partnership with GEF, over 1400 middle school girls; 500 at-risk early primary girls tutored; 200 boys; more than 800 mothers and other family members. In 2016, 650 girls and 200 boys in middle school, along with 200 primary students are being impacted along with 60 teachers and over 400 family members.



During ADIMTU's funding cycle we have worked to connect them to additional funding options.


GEF's investment has helped to support the refinement and consolidation of the program and the recent inclusion of boys into their program.


GEF has introduced ADIMTU to another partner our ours, the Miguel Angel Asturias Academy; sponsoring visits between each others’ programs and encouraging plans to collaborate further. 

“My dream is for my daughter to stay in school and become a professional so she can lead an easier life than I have had. I have always worked in the field, working very hard, long days, because I never had the chance to go to school. I want her life to be different”.
— A mother at ADIMTU's 'La Vida de mi Mama' program