GEF established GEF-Kenya and has continued to invest in GEF Kenya because of our interest in identifying solutions for ensuring disadvantaged youth can stay in school and have access to needed learning opportunities.  The Young Leaders program, which operates outside school hours and/or through residential camps, assists them in their academic success but importantly enables them to gain other critical skills and competencies in areas such as social-emotional development, communication, entrepreneurship and personal care and development (including reproductive health and HIV/AIDS awareness).  More recently, we have been working with the GEF Kenya Board and staff on their own future development and sustainability. 


GEF Kenya has supported 140 high school students, all participating in leadership training offered during school holidays and weekends. In 2016, there are 22 young leaders in the original program (50% girls) and over 240 students in the young leaders' after school clubs (55% girls).

Despite significant barriers to their success, GEF Kenya scholars continue to achieve at higher levels than their peers locally and nationally.  The original Young Leaders Program has seen a 100% graduation rate in participating scholars.



GEF funding helped to establish and support GEF Kenya and has continued to support GEF Kenya in the first years since it became an independent, registered Trust in Kenya in 2011.




GEF staff and Board members have provided advice and feedback over the years, most recently regarding the after school club pilot, their monitoring and evaluation system and planning for local fundraising.


GEF has worked with GEF Kenya board and staff to identify new local Board members, and has linked GEF Kenya to another GEF partner, PACEmaker. This has opened up opportunities for recent GEF Kenya graduates to participate in the PACE Fellows program.

“We learned a lot about leadership – to stand out, how to have something, and to stand out from others. We are very privileged to continue to be part of this program”
— Ruben, GEF-Kenya Alumni