Our current portfolio is comprised of partners who are leading life changing projects on the ground. Global Education Fund commits to supporting a partner for a minimum of 3-5 years; during this time we provide funding and other support to help advance their work toward sustainability. We address needs brought forward by our partners, including curriculum design to address unmet needs of more young people, governance and capacity building, diversifying funding approaches, monitoring and evaluation development, and improved outcome focus, such as graduation rates, higher education and livelihoods. We also help to broaden our partners’ networks, including potential future funding and supporters and like-minded peer organizations and education leaders. 


Global Education Fund has been providing small grants to organizations based in Guatemala, Kenya and India since around 2011.   While a few of the early grantee partners are no longer supported, GEF tries to stay in touch and keep track of how they have evolved and moved forward.  We do this because we believe having this understanding can offer important lessons and reflections for how we we work now and in the future.  We are also genuinely interested to see how they are doing and in some cases we also like to connect past partners with current partners where there seems potential for mutual learning and sharing.  We measure our own success by seeing our partners move on from us on their chosen route to towards sustainability - whether because they have more diversified sources of funding, a stronger organizational ability to track and measure their program outcomes, the capacity to strengthen and grow their teams and leadership, etc.



Global Education Fund was founded by Eliza Woloson in 1998 and was in response to local communities and schools requests to help them set up and stock local libraries through giving books and building libraries. With significant volunteer and corporate support to locate, box up and ship books, Global Education Fund reached over 22 countries, supported 74 libraries and provided over $2 million worth of donated books