Practical and Locally Relevant Education Improves Outcomes

Efforts by local educators and community leaders show real promise for creating lasting change. However, these innovators often struggle to receive the needed support to refine, sustain, and grow their solutions.

Due to the small scale and capacity of young organizations and the high administrative costs of large donor agencies, it can be difficult for emerging initiatives to secure funding. It is simply too costly for large grant-makers to provide a high number of small grants and so instead they look to support organizations that can absorb and deliver on grants of $500,000+.  Not only is it difficult for organizations to secure small grants but the very nature of the funding, which is often available for only one-year and has strict restrictions on usage, does not foster innovative thinking and capacity building.

This is where Global Education Fund comes in. With small, multi-year grants, technical support, mentoring and networking, we make an impact.


Long-term Commitment for Education Entrepreneurs

 We invest in smaller, evolving efforts that have not yet matured but have the potential to create lasting change. We provide multi-year grants and organizational support and we work with our partners to measure the impact of these approaches, and then promote the exchange of ideas between our grantee partners across geographic borders to leverage learning.


By this we mean – the acquisition of knowledge and skills that give young people the best possible start in life. This includes formal academics as well as values and attitudes that inspire confident, empowered citizens who are more likely to give back to their community and advocate for themselves and others. We invest in experiential learning curriculum for students, youth leadership, development and transition to livelihoods, and inter-generational support – connecting family and community to learning.